Scott’s Lookalikes – We’ve Scott It Covered!

Scott Gets Famous

Maybe one day Scott will have his own lookalike

It’s coming up to 2 weeks since I launched my new web series Scott’s Lookalikes. It’s been a pretty full on fortnight sending out our press release to various blogs and papers, writing to industry people, tweeting celebs, and generally just pissing off anyone who has the misfortune to still be friends with me on facebook.

Although we have the good fortune of living in a time when you can do a lot of your own marketing and PR with relative ease (they had much slower internet connections in the Restoration period) it still takes a hell of a lot of time, energy and creativity to keep the momentum up.

So what have I had to celebrate since we released? We’ve had some great press since launch. The Huffington Post did an exclusive the day after we launched with some unseen footage of Scott I gave them, which was awesome! Then Tubefilter made the show their Indie Spotlight pick for the week. The British Comedy Guide and also both ran some fun interviews with Scott, which reveal more about the man behind the 4th biggest lookalikes agency in Hollywood.

The aim of course is to drive more people to our YouTube channel. So far we’ve had over 3,000 views but I’m hoping that figure will grow over the following couple of months. If you haven’t already, please subscribe and repost our episodes. It’s a massive help!

And over on facebook we’ve got 400 likes and counting for our page. We’re running a competition at the moment to get your photo featured in our next season which I hope to film in the Summer. So go check it out!

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to say they like the show. That’s always much appreciated and helps re-enegrise my promotional efforts. Please keep sharing our episodes so more people get a chance to watch and hopefully enjoy Scott’s Lookalikes. Here’s Denzel to play us out:


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