Fired! & Mr. Invisible – Film Festival Update

Some of my Festival Selections and Awards over the last 12 months

Some of my Festival Selections and Awards over the last 12 months

This last year has been a successful one as far as film festivals go. After 3 years of frustration of not having my work selected at the bigger festivals, the floodgates suddenly opened with ‘Mr. Invisible’. Since premiering it at Palm Springs Shortfest last June it has been selected at 12 other prestigious international festivals.

Strangely enough my previous short film ‘Fired!’ has also enjoyed a reinvigorated festival run. After playing at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival in November it seems to have got the attention of other festivals looking to program family friendly short films. It is part of the selection at Durango Film Festival, which is happening right now over in Colorado!

March definitely seems to be the month when they all come together. Including Durango, over the next 5 weeks my films will be playing at 5 different festivals. Mr. Invisible screens this week at Byron Bay in Australia and then moves on to Omaha, followed by Cleveland Film Festival and then finally Phoenix Film Festival at the start of April.

It’s such a nice feeling to know that audiences will get to enjoy the film. I just wish I could visit all these great places and attend the festival.

Unfortunately the life of a struggling artist doesn’t provide much loose change for flights across the Atlantic. Hopefully that will change in the next 12 months as my work gets more recognition. Or, failing that, there’s always RyanAir’s $10 flights across the Atlantic!


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