Ok Lloyd, Aspen It Is!

I’m sitting in departures at Heathrow Airport about to fulfil a 20 year dream to follow in the footsteps of Harry and Lloyd from my favourite movie Dumb and Dumber and visit Aspen.

The Samsonite is at hand (locked really well) and the extra pair of gloves are packed!

I’m flying out to see my film Mr. Invisible screen as part of Aspen Shortfest. I’m very excited to have a film playing in one of the world’s top film festivals and be in with a shout of winning an Oscar-qualifying competition. Look forward to updating you from the Rockies when I get out there.

There’s a few hours before my flight which should be just enough time to think of as many D&D inspired quotes as possible. Just hope I don’t fall off the jetway again…


5 thoughts on “Ok Lloyd, Aspen It Is!

  1. Good luck mate. My wife and I have been watching you in bed and think you’re hilarious. Plus you still have an amazing haircut. Fingers crossed.

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