Doggy Style – This Is What You Call A Shitty First Date


We just launched some brand new sketch comedy produced by We Like Laughter and directed by my friend Ryan Turner. This one involves me, a curry and a pretty messy first date. If it makes you laugh, then help us go viral by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the other one people use. Enjoy!



New Comedy – Hollywood Superstar – Watch It Now


We just launched a new We Like Laughter sketch “Hollywood Superstar”. It stars the brilliant Lindsey Shaw, Javier Aguayo, Mario Revolori and also an old friend of mine – Guy Steve. He’s like a more successful and less arrogant version of me.

Hope it makes you laugh. Help us spread the laugh by sharing this on Facebook and Twitter. #KeepBloodyDreaming

New Comedy – Lads Night Out


Yesterday was supposed to be the most miserable day of the year (according to some study somewhere) so we decided to release our new We Like Laughter sketch Lads Night Out. I say “new sketch” but we actually filmed it a bloody long time ago and were waiting for my co-star Chris Ash to have the right amount of star power (Facebook friends) before we launched.

Here it is finally in all it’s glory. I humbly ask that if you enjoy it please share on Facebook, Twitter and Friendster so that Rob & Stuart can go viral:

Thanks to everyone who helped us make it especially our Kickstarter backers. All credits are under the video on YouTube.

My Friend Made The Best Superbowl Commercial – Watch & Vote For It!


Every year in America they have this thing called “The Superbowl” where the two top pottery teams in the whole of the country compete to make the most exquisite decorative bowl. Because it’s quite a drawn out affair there’s usually a lot of commercial breaks and this year my friend Ryan Turner is in the running to have his Doritos advert aired during one of said breaks. He’s made the final 10 of the Crash The Superbowl contest and if he wins he’ll get a cool (original)* $1 million dollars!

But he needs your help… Please watch and vote for his advert “Baby’s First Word” at:

I am partly posting this so he knows how good a friend I am and has this in his mind when he gets the $1 million (#karma) but also because his advert is hands down the best of the 10 and he totally deserves your vote.

* This joke doesn’t work in the US as “Cool Original” flavour** is actually called “Ranch”

** This sentence doesn’t work in the US as “flavour” is actually spelled “flavor”

Special Delivery starring Tony Revolori & Arielle Kebbel – It’s Here!


I’m very excited to share our first We Like Laughter short film! Special Delivery is a 7 minute short comedy about a Pizza delivery Guy who is trying to win the heart of a beautiful female customer. What could possibly go wrong? I hope that you enjoy the film. Please share if it makes you laugh and help us spread the fun. Thanks!

This is the first time Tony Revolori has hit your screens since since his brilliant turn as the Lobby Boy in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was a pleasure to work with him and the rest of our talented cast on this. You might recognise Sasha Feldman as the James Franco lookalike in Scott’s Lookalikes.

There’s more comedy to come from We Like Laughter over the next month. Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Scott’s Lookalikes Wins A Development Deal at NYTVF

"I'd like to thank my stylist who couldn't make it tonight as he's on tour with Mr. Bean."

“I’d like to thank my stylist who couldn’t make it tonight as he’s on tour with Mr. Bean.”

I got some incredible news on Saturday night. We were showcasing the pilot for our comedy Scott’s Lookalikes at the New York TV Festival last week. It’s a great festival where independent producers get to show their work to lots of the top TV networks. You may remember I’ve been there a couple of times before. Two years ago we pitched live on stage for $300,000. We didn’t win which might explain why I still have the same slightly ill-fitting tweed jacket two years on.

But this year we had a bit more luck.

After a week of screenings and meetings and lots of free Stella, the awards ceremony came around on Saturday night. The festival is unique in that TV networks are there offering development deals on the spot to their favourite projects. The very first one was offered by TruTV who I had met a bit earlier in the week. I had a good feeling about the meeting. They’re a fun network who are pushing to do more scripted comedy. They seemed to like the show and my ideas and I liked them. My heart was racing as they read out the name on the card.

“And the winner of the TruTV development deal is Greg Ash and Scott’s Lookalikes!”

I bounded up on stage and, dazed and confused, I bumbled a few words into the microphone. If that’s a dress rehearsal for the Oscars I’ve got no chance. I returned to my seat to high five the Scott’s Lookalikes team who were there with me. It was a surreal feeling. Development deals are generally hashed out in offices behind closed doors but here we were receiving one in front of hundreds of people.

The exact details are to be confirmed but basically it means we’ll be working with TruTV to turn Scott’s Lookalikes into a TV show that hopefully will be on screens. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet, but I’m very excited about it all. I may even buy a new jacket.

A big thank you to the friends and fans of the show and to all the people who helped us make our pilot, and to the NYTVF staff who made it such a memorable week. More news soon. Read the full list of winners via the Hollywood Reporter: