Just Seen The Photos From Our Bigfoot Shoot And They’re Great!


You might remember a few months back I roamed around Portland in a Bigfoot outfit for the day whilst my photographer friend Margaret Jacobsen took photos of me? Well I just got a look at the results and I’m very happy!

Look forward to sharing more soon. But for now, this is one of my favourites. It pretty much sums up what I went through in those 12 intense days writing my Bigfoot! feature film…

Ape Man & Machine (Photo by Margaret Jacobsen) ©

Ape Man & Machine (Photo by Margaret Jacobsen) ©

Massive thank you to my talented and generous friend Margaret Jacobsen (check out her work) for collaborating on this project with me in Portland and taking some really excellent photos while I goofed around like an idiot..


Super Chill – Episode 4 “The Box”


Episode 4 of Super Chill is now screening on Vimeo. This week, Greg and Vin discuss the importance of girls being clean, and then Vin teaches Greg how to dance “inside his box”. But their lesson is cut short by the appearance of an unexpected visitor. The seeds of this episode came from Vin complaining to me how a lot of people when they’re dancing are totally unaware of other dancers. He’s therefore developed his theory of the Box over many years of dance floor frustration. I really feel if we all followed his advice, the world would be a better place.

The Cop is played brilliantly by local Portland actor Jake Street. Vin introduced us one day and I instantly thought he’ would make a great police officer. As we shot most of Super Chill without a script, I can’t take any credit for his lines. He just turned up on set with this idea for a monologue about the Boston Tea Party, which we loved. It’s refreshing to approach a project without too many fixed ideas, as it always leads to some great unplanned moments. I hope that Jake The Cop will appear again in lots of future Super Chill episodes. Hopefully every time with slightly different facial hair.

If you like the show, please help spread the word by sharing it on Facebook. We hope to release the episodes again on Youtube later in the year, but there’s no substitute for word of mouth. Just ask Jimmy Savile.

Ode To A Curved Bar


To celebrate Dig A Pony‘s 1st Birthday, Pino Portland ran a competition to write a poem inspired by Horse Shoe or “U” shaped bars. I put pen to paper, or fingers to computer, entered and won the competition. Perhaps I had an unfair advantage. With the time I spend in the bar, I have effectively been researching the poem for the last year. Anyway, I won an awesome bow tie, which I will be wearing just as soon as I learn how to tie it.

Here’s my winning entry…

The best shaped bar, bar none, he said,
Is the one with curvy sides. 
For all those angular, squared-off things
I really do despise.
They encourage only introspection,
Mirror glances; A vain erection!
Find me instead 
at that horse’s shoe
With a smile that says softly,
“It’s not me… it’s ‘U’”

You see what I did there? I enjoyed writing it. Maybe I’ll create some more poems soon.

Pino Portland are running a great event next week called “Portland Undressed” with a special speaker Elizabeth Cline. Today’s the last chance to buy tickets. Here’s more details on facebook.

Introducing Super Chill


Drum roll please. Or at least finger tapping roll please. The teaser for my new web series ‘Super Chill’ is up online…

It’s a comedy about two guys trying to get on with each other and change the world. Kind of like “Charlie Bit My Finger” but set in Portland. There’s 6 episodes in total and are now working on the edit. We plan to release them weekly starting in August. I’m excited to share it with the world, and need your help to make it a viral phenomenom. Please feel free to repost/reblog/rewacth as much as you like.

Super Chill is on facebook. I mean, who isn’t?

AshLog #2 – Making Things Right


A couple of  years ago I had a dream on the beaches of Uruguay. I had just been swimming in the sea in my underwear, which I guess made it a wet, or at least slightly damp dream.

Perhaps it was the sun, perhaps the paradisiacal surroundings, or perhaps it was the company, but I suddenly realised that the thing that I wanted, more than to write, or make films, or make laugh, was to be part of a community of people who helped each other achieve their creative goals. The problem of being an artist is that it’s a lonely profession. And many people lack the self-motivation or the means to pursue their passions fully. Being surrounded by people who can help you out is priceless.

Of course, creative collectives exist. Collaboration is happening all over the world, every day, even in France. But for a lot of people that kind of environment is hard to find, and hard to structure.

So, why not have a group of people who met regularly with the sole aim of helping each other achieve their creative goals?  The potential for what could happen in that environment could be endless. We could literally make people’s dreams come true. Dry ones, wet ones, any level of damp! The thought filled me with a unusual warm feeling I believed some call ‘happiness’.

I realised that rather than hope to discover what I was describing, I would need to create it. And thus Right Club was conceived.

Like a lot of idealistic babies conceived in paradise, the pregnancy phase has been a long one. I got home from my travels and got caught up in film projects and other endeavours. However, with my Summer in Portland under way, I’m now ready to go into labour and give birth. My waters have broken and… Ok that metaphors gone far enough.

Right Club will start simply, with just a group of people meeting every week to talk about what they’re doing and, more importantly, what they’re not doing. Kind of like an alcoholic anonymous meeting for people who aren’t doing what they want to do. The idea is that as Right Club progresses, we’ll be able to put on shows and exhibitions to celebrate people’s work and focus on community projects. Who knows what will happen!

If you’d like to be a part of it please get in touch via our new facebook page.

To raise the profile of the group and kick this thing into action, I’ve organised the first “Right Club presents” night this Tuesday, featuring two exciting bands from Portland ‘Thanks’ and ‘Modern Lives’. Having seen my friend in Thanks come together to make the band happen, it seemed like a great thing to have them play the first night. The show will also take place at ADX, which is where I was based last Summer, and which also embodies a lot of the ideas I want Right Club to be about.

Here’s the details if you’d like to come down. Click the flyer to get to the facebook event…

Right Club presents Thanks & Modern Lives – 3 July @ ADX

Con Bro Chill


Con Bro Chill are just a group of guys who love to party. And they want you to party with them. Preferably in neon. They’re currently taking the internet by storm with their infuriatingly catchy anthems and ridiculous high energy antics. I wanted to share with you some of their best work…

My friend Tyler is in the band. And it’s heartwarming to see him find a perfect forum for his goofball dance moves. Con Bri Chill are a having a party in Portland on July 7th. I’ll be there. Hopefully inside a giant inflatable balloon. It should be some night.

To play us out, here’s their latest video ‘Partied Out’, which should act as a warning to us all to the dangers of partying too hard…