Greg likes to make people laugh. Here are some of his attempts:

Scott’s Lookalikes (2014)

Scot's Lookalikes - A New Web Series

Scot’s Lookalikes – A New Web Series

A comedy set in a Hollywood lookalikes agency. Watch the first 3 episodes now on YouTube.

Super Chill (2012)

Super Chill - The Adventures of Greg & Vin

Super Chill – The Adventures of Greg & Vin

An online comedy about the adventures of a British filmmaker and an American actor in Portland, Oregon.

Finalist at the New York TV Festival 2012.

You can watch all 6 episodes at

The Anti-Social Network (2012)

Last year, Greg Ash gave up facebook for 30 days. This is his story. A hard-hitting documentary about the dangers of social networking…

Confessions of an Editor for Lomography (2011)

Greg made a series of promotional films to promote the London City Guide for camera brand Lomography.

Food For Thought

An amateur producer is trying to shop his average script around Cannes with little success. Luckily he meets a struggling writer, who agrees to help him rewrite his script in return for food. Shot on location at Cannes 2010 with some of the Big Bright Lights gang.

Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower

One time Greg went to Paris. The city of love. Just not this time.

Running Shoes

A good runner needs good trainers.


3 men describe how poetry has changed their lives.


2 thoughts on “Comedy

  1. Good Stuff , From a fellow Aylesburirian , If you want to see some of my attempts at comedy and film (Not as Professional as yours) Check out The Only Made in Aylesbury on Youtube.

  2. I also did some stand up at the queens park centre ( It is on youtube) I just made it up as i went along and it shows , My Uncle does stand up in london and is organising a comedy night up the aristocrat in march if you are about.

    Also if you want to talk over some comedy ideas we should meet up as on one of your videos you are talking about the next big comedy thing , Which i personally think is structured reality like the only made in essex without any fake comedic awkward pauses or looks to camera.

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