New Comedy – Lads Night Out


Yesterday was supposed to be the most miserable day of the year (according to some study somewhere) so we decided to release our new We Like Laughter sketch Lads Night Out. I say “new sketch” but we actually filmed it a bloody long time ago and were waiting for my co-star Chris Ash to have the right amount of star power (Facebook friends) before we launched.

Here it is finally in all it’s glory. I humbly ask that if you enjoy it please share on Facebook, Twitter and Friendster so that Rob & Stuart can go viral:

Thanks to everyone who helped us make it especially our Kickstarter backers. All credits are under the video on YouTube.


We Did It! The RevoLOLtion Will Be Televised!


We Did It!

We hit our target this morning! £5500! This means that we can make 5 new side-splittingly funny sketches in the New Year and it’s all thanks to you – our 130 beautiful backers! The RevoLOLtion will be televised! (or at least streamed soon on a YouTube channel near you).

A heartfelt thank you to all our comrades, donors and supporters who shared the project with friends and family. There’s still a few days to go for the campaign and lots of rewards left and chances to be involved in our upcoming comedy sketches. If you haven’t already check out our Kickstarter page here. Any extra funds raise will go straight to making new comedy. For every extra £1500, we’ll make a whole new sketch for you to enjoy!

The plan is to release a new sketch a month starting in January. Each one will be uploaded to our We Like Laughter YouTube channel. You can subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss anything:

Also feel free to follow us on Twitter at @welikelaughter.

It will be full steam ahead for production at the start of 2014. We will update all our Members on filming plans and make sure our Producers, Writers, Actors and Crew Members all have lots of opportunities to be involved.

Thank you once again on behalf of Chris and myself. We are very excited about getting this opportunity to make you laugh!

Yours in mirth, Greg

Who’s With Me? – Your Chance To Make Comedy & History In 3 Clicks Of The Mouse



Happy Friday to everyone! We’re into the final week of my comedy crusade We Like Laughter. We’ve so far raised an incredible £4200 and have 7 days to raise £1300 more to fund 5 new online comedy sketches. If we don’t make our target, we don’t get any of funding, nothing will get made and the world will be plunged into darkness.

But that’s not going to happen. I have faith!

I’m therefore asking YOU, my beautiful readers, to help me in my quest to bring laughter back to the streets by posting our campaign link ( on your facebook walls and on twitter. Show your friends, show your parents, show your cats (FACT- Cats are the most dependable source of laughter on YouTube). It really all helps!

We Like Laughter is a true passion project for me. I want to put some new and original comedy into the world and I want you to join me in my quest. Via the rewards on our page there’s plenty of great opportunities to get involved as writers, actors or producers in what we’re doing. Becoming a Member for £30 means you can be part of our new gang of comedy misfits as well as funding something new and exciting. We want you to join us!

Yesterday, we had some great celebrity support with Mr. Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords fame and Little Britain star Matt Lucas tweeting about our campaign. Help us keep up the momentum over the weekend and into next week by doing the same.


For all you social media gurus, our Twitter name is @welikelaughter and our Kickstarter page is here.

Thanks folks! Lets make this happen!

WLL Update: Thanks For An Amazing First Week!



Just over one week in to our We Like Laughter Kickstarter campaign and it’s been a great first 8 days. As you can see by the above scientific LOLometer, we’re already at almost 65% of our target and there’s still 3 weeks to go! Thanks to all our supporters for getting involved either by donating or sharing our page.

But there’s still lots of people who haven’t had a chance to check out our campaign yet and join the RevoLOLtion. If all you beautiful followers and readers could share the page and send on to friends and family that would be so helpful! There’s a lot of great rewards on there with great ways to join our merry band of misfits.

Here’s the link you need:

We also now have a Press Release if anyone knows any bloggers or writers who might be interested:

And you can follow us on Twitter here.

We’re planning on releasing an update video on Monday. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

We Like Laughter – The ‘RevoLOLtion’ Starts Here


Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 23.00.47

Hi guys! Today I launched my most personal passion project to date, We Like Laughter. The aim is to make the world laugh with some new and original online sketches.  We’re aiming to make 5 to kick off with.

But that’s hopefully just the beginning. Via our Kickstarter rewards we are offering people the chance to get involved. We hope to build something of a new comedy collective to take over the world! . We’re offering people the chance to become member of We Like Laughter in return for a £30 donation. This membership means you’ll be part of the team and have a chance to hep out with shoots. Oh and get to wear a red beret! We want to hear from actors, writers, or anyone who wants to help out on set.

But enough talk. Here’s the video. We hope you like it and can get behind our campaign to bring laughter back to the streets:

Please help us by becoming part of it either by donating or by sharing our page with friends!

Are You Ready For A RevoLOLtion?



You may remember a few months back, we filmed something in a ‘not-so-underground’ bunker’? Well it is almost time to release that to the world.

Next week, I launch a Kickstarter campaign for We Like Laughter, a new online comedy project. The idea is to raise £5000 to fund 5 awesome sketches in 2014. However, we are going to be offering lots of rewards with genuine ways of getting involved in the dream. You’ll also get to wear a beret!

I have been working hard to make sure our page describes our intentions clearly, and offer a good mix of rewards. I am hoping that people like what we put out there, and I hope I can count on you guys to share the page once we launch? We’ll need as much help as possible to spread the word.

Next Thursday is the intended day for the start of the RevoLOLtion. The countdown is on. Mark it in the diary.

Buy Milk. Put Bins Out. Join RevoLOLtion.

For now, perhaps you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for regular updates?

Make laugh,not war.

‘A Chat With Greg Ash’ – Now Screening


My cousin Chris Ash finally finished editing the interview he did with me a few weeks ago. In it I try to explain my filmmaking journey so far. It’s a kind of ‘Inside The Director’s Studio/Parents’ House’ style piece.

I’m not sure Chris is really cut out for a career in interviewing, although he claims otherwise. I must apologise for my language used at the end of this interview and hope that my 3 fans aren’t offended.