New Comedy – Hollywood Superstar – Watch It Now


We just launched a new We Like Laughter sketch “Hollywood Superstar”. It stars the brilliant Lindsey Shaw, Javier Aguayo, Mario Revolori and also an old friend of mine – Guy Steve. He’s like a more successful and less arrogant version of me.

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It’s James Franco Friday!


Watch (or rewatch for the 100th time) our first episode of Scott’s Lookalikes today and then share it with your friends on Myspace. Lets get this baby viral!

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Scott’s Lookalikes – We’ve Scott It Covered!

Scott Gets Famous

Maybe one day Scott will have his own lookalike

It’s coming up to 2 weeks since I launched my new web series Scott’s Lookalikes. It’s been a pretty full on fortnight sending out our press release to various blogs and papers, writing to industry people, tweeting celebs, and generally just pissing off anyone who has the misfortune to still be friends with me on facebook.

Although we have the good fortune of living in a time when you can do a lot of your own marketing and PR with relative ease (they had much slower internet connections in the Restoration period) it still takes a hell of a lot of time, energy and creativity to keep the momentum up.

So what have I had to celebrate since we released? We’ve had some great press since launch. The Huffington Post did an exclusive the day after we launched with some unseen footage of Scott I gave them, which was awesome! Then Tubefilter made the show their Indie Spotlight pick for the week. The British Comedy Guide and also both ran some fun interviews with Scott, which reveal more about the man behind the 4th biggest lookalikes agency in Hollywood.

The aim of course is to drive more people to our YouTube channel. So far we’ve had over 3,000 views but I’m hoping that figure will grow over the following couple of months. If you haven’t already, please subscribe and repost our episodes. It’s a massive help!

And over on facebook we’ve got 400 likes and counting for our page. We’re running a competition at the moment to get your photo featured in our next season which I hope to film in the Summer. So go check it out!

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to say they like the show. That’s always much appreciated and helps re-enegrise my promotional efforts. Please keep sharing our episodes so more people get a chance to watch and hopefully enjoy Scott’s Lookalikes. Here’s Denzel to play us out:

‘Lookalikes’ – Behind The Scenes


Lookalikes – A Web Series © Big Bright Lights 2013.

I just got back from a trip to LA which was very productive. I filmed a new web series down there called ‘Lookalikes,’ which I’m excited to tell you about.

I initially wanted to go down to visit my good friend Ryan Turner, whom I shot Smile with a few years ago (watch it here), and also with the hope that I could film a new project whilst there. I’ve always wanted to film something in LA. I wrote a couple of short film scripts in the build up to my trip, but realised that organising a full scale production before I got to the city would be hard.

Instead, I decided to just head down to the city of angels/broken dreams and see if inspiration would strike. Ryan is extremely productive and I hoped that spending time with him and his talented housemates would likely give me some ideas.

And it did.

Ryan lives with a great young actor called Sasha Feldman who you may remember from the Amelie Freestyle video I posted last year.

People occasionally say he looks like James Franco, and so I had anan idea that I could play a hapless British manager, Scott Johnson, who runs a LA Lookalikes agency, with Sasha playing one of my clients – an idiotic James Franco lookalike.


Sasha Feldman as Luke, a James Franco Lookalike. © Big Bright Lights 2013

Initially it was just going to be a one off sketch, but when Sasha mentioned his friend does a decent Denzel Washington impersonation, I decided to be more ambitious. Why not shoot a web series of 3 or 4 episodes, with each one featuring a different Lookalike? I was envisaging something in the vein of The Office or Extras.

We were put in touch with a girl who looked like Kim Kardashian, and then, as fate would happened, someone showed me a photo of a guy who looked like Kanye West. We contacted him and he signed up immediately. For the final episode I decided to get my friend Ryan to play a reluctant Ryan Gosling lookalike, as he occasionally gets that thrown at him.


Ryan Turner as Paul, a reluctant Ryan Gosling lookalike. © Big Bright Lights 2013

Across the next few days, the project came together quite spontaneously, and with the help of the Line Producer Alison Kelly, we found a location to call “Scott’s office” – the Conference Room at the Hollywood Forever cemetery.

I was finally fulfilling an ambition to finally shoot a production in Hollywood. Of course it would be in a cemetery, surrounded by famous dead people. It also made me smile when I discovered that our production HQ (Alison’s apartment) was in Charlie Chaplin’s old house.

I spent the next few days writing, rehearsing and recruiting crew. I called upon a lot of the great people I met in Palm Springs Shortfest who were amazingly enthusiastic and generous with their time. I think 5 or 6 of the final crew were people I’d met at the festival, including our DP Leigh Lisbao Underwood, who won the Best Cinematography Award there.

And so it was that on the Friday of last week at 6am a crew of 12 or so of us descended on Hollywood Forever to begin a hectic day of filming.

I was ambitiously trying to shoot a whole web series in a day. Our schedule wasn’t helped by the fact that the band Grizzly Bear were playing a show in the cemetery grounds that evening, so we had to be out by 4pm.

But somehow we got through it all. It passed by in a flash but it was an absolute blast. All the actors were on top form which made my job a lot easier, and judging by the rushes, I think it’s going to be good. Hopefully my strongest comedy work so far. But you’ll be the judge of that…


Marali Natalia and Baron Jay as Kim and Kanye lookalikes © Big Bright Lights 2013

I’m going to work with an editor over the next month or two, and then put it out on You Tube in the hope that it will build an audience and also get the attention of people who might want to help develop it into a full show.

I’m looking forward to sharing it with you….


Scott Johnson of ‘Scott’s Lookalikes’ © Big Bright Lights 2013

For updates on this and my other work check out the Big Bright Lights facebook page.

LA Comedy Festival


Vin & I Amusing Only Ourselves at the LA Comedy Festival

I just got back from LA, where my short film Fired! was screening as part of the LA Comedy Festival. It was exciting to have my work shown in a proper cinema just a stone’s throw from Hollywood Boulevard. The reaction was good, and afterwards I took part in a Q&A in front of the audience. I wore a bow tie. There was another British director there. But he didn’t have a bow tie.

I was accompanied by my actor friend Vin Shambry, and we had a lot of fun spreading the word about Super Chill, exploring the city, meeting inspiring people, and even doing some late night impromptu musical performances which I’ll tell you about soon. I also got to reunite with my old buddy Ryan Turner (who directed Smile), and it was great to see each other and start talking about future projects again.

The weekend wasn’t all smooth sailing though. When they first went to show Fired! on sunday, the disc wouldn’t play. “Cannot play” flashed on screen, the entire audience gasped, a spotlight came down on the crowd, the festival director shouted out if I was there, I shouted back, they started playing a different film, I shouted again and then ran up to the projection room. Complete Hollywood slapstick!

After 5 minutes of trying we realised they’d have to show it the next day. I was a little down and on edge as I walked out of the cinema. But, as I glanced at a wall, I saw a huge mural of my idol and I remembered that usually things happen for a reason.

Charlie was probably looking down on us and laughing… Although in this particular photo, he’s actually crying!

Charlie & Me (The much anticipated sequel to Marley & Me)

LA Comedy Festival was the first festival we submitted Fired! to, so I’m hoping we’ll get in to a number of others in the forthcoming year.