Doggy Style – This Is What You Call A Shitty First Date


We just launched some brand new sketch comedy produced by We Like Laughter and directed by my friend Ryan Turner. This one involves me, a curry and a pretty messy first date. If it makes you laugh, then help us go viral by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the other one people use. Enjoy!



Ok Lloyd, Aspen It Is!


I’m sitting in departures at Heathrow Airport about to fulfil a 20 year dream to follow in the footsteps of Harry and Lloyd from my favourite movie Dumb and Dumber and visit Aspen.

The Samsonite is at hand (locked really well) and the extra pair of gloves are packed!

I’m flying out to see my film Mr. Invisible screen as part of Aspen Shortfest. I’m very excited to have a film playing in one of the world’s top film festivals and be in with a shout of winning an Oscar-qualifying competition. Look forward to updating you from the Rockies when I get out there.

There’s a few hours before my flight which should be just enough time to think of as many D&D inspired quotes as possible. Just hope I don’t fall off the jetway again…

Mr. Invisible Longlisted For A Bafta

Slapstick jokes involving the mask will have to wait till next year

Slapstick jokes involving the mask will have to wait till next year

So the big news of 2014 so far is that my short film, Mr. Invisible, was longlisted for a Bafta. I couldn’t announce it publicly until the nominations were revealed last week. But now we can let the world know that we almost, almost got nominated!

Shame. I had actually already planned my hilarious acceptance speech. But guess that’s going to have to wait for another year. Jokes are now firmly back in the tux pocket. Huge relief from Bafta at dodging that particular bullet, I’m sure.

It’s a strange thing announcing you didn’t get nominated. I’m not sure quite how ‘long’ a longlist is exactly. But I guess it’s great that we were in the running. Hopefully lots more people get to see the film at festivals throughout this year and we can charm the pants off the Academy in time for an Oscar nod next year!

Bag Snatch



I made a little short film last week for the Guardian 60 Second Film Competition. They set the theme of “SuperHero.” So I worked with Mike Arnott, TV cameraman and my next door neighbour, and we came up with ‘Bag Snatch’. We shot it on the iPhone. It was my aim keep the filming style realistic and everyday but then use that to show something exciting and slightly unreal.

If you want to see an old lady give two chavs a good hiding then give it a watch and maybe even a recommendation. The winner, selected by the Guardian critics, gets an interview with the paper. Fingers crossed!

I plan to release the film as a stand alone video on YouTube in the new year, which, with a bit of luck, may capture attention and get shared around a bit. Hopefully you can help me with that. Will write more about that soon.

Until then, don’t go messin with any OAPs!

Mr. Invisible Wins In Seattle!


And the good festival news continues! My film Mr. Invisible won the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Choice at Seattle Shorts this weekend. It’s a real honour and I’m grateful to all those who voted for my film. Great to have some love from the Pacific Northwest!

Next up on the festival trail is Tallgrass Festival in Kansas, and we just found out about another one last night. But I can’t share this with you to the official announcement. It’s exciting though!

Here’s the new pair of shiny laurel leaf badges that I’m probably going to get tattooed on. One on each cheek. Can’t decide to go with face or butt…



Mr. Invisible Wins at Austin Film Festival



I found out last night that Mr. Invisible won the Audience Award for Best Narrative Short at Austin Film Festival. It’s really great news and totally unexpected. The Audience Award is calculated by collecting the ballots that viewers fill out giving each film a rating of 1 to 5. Having attended the festival this year and seen how many good short films we were up against, I really didn’t think that we’d win. In fact, I was positive the brilliant and hilarious ‘Fools Day’ would get the audience’s vote.

However, it’s great to find out Austin crowd enjoyed our film so much. The reason I make films, or indeed anything, is in the hope that my work connects with the an audience so it’s rewarding to get some validation for that. As someone put it, the audience are really the only critic who matters.

It also made up for the slight disappointment of missing out on the Jury Prize the week before. that’s the prize that qualifies you for the Oscar nomination. As Mr. Invisible was nominated, I attended the Award ceremony, which was a great prize in itself (I was sat on the table next to Susan Sarandon and two away from Robert Rodriguez).

They had a pretty funny system if you were nominated for an award. You had to stand up at your table when they read your film out, and then when they announce the winner, they go up to receive your award and the “losers” sit back down.

When they read out “Mr. Invisible,” I therefore stood up. All eyes on the room turn to you. And theres some pretty famous pairs of eyes in there. It feels like you’re already halfway towards accepting the award. Kanye West style.

Then the announcement came… “And the winner is… ‘Fool’s Day’.”

I hastily sat back down, did that “I’m just happy to be nominated” face, applauded a bit, then mumbled something like “At least I didn’t miss my main course.”

Austin Film Festival was a fantastic experience though. For one, the city is great. Full of bars, music venues and good places to eat. It reminded me of Spring Break meets the Wild West.

The festival itself pays particular attention to the writer. There were lots of panels dedicated to writing, with some pretty phenomenal speakers. Highlights included Vince Gilligan talking about Breaking Bad, Jonathan Demme and Paul Thomas Anderson discussing the work of Robert Downey Sr. (Yes, that is Iron Man’s Dad), and a reading of Vince Gilligan’s new film “2 Face” with Will Ferrell. I was tempted to throw my Bigfoot script at him from the back of the theatre, but instead I just took pleasure in knowing I was in the same room as one of my comedy idols.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere and lots of the panelists hung out in the bar of the Driskill Hotel later. I got to meet Shane Black, who wrote Lethal Weapon, and directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3, and even pitched him one of my movie ideas. I told him Mr. Invisible had been nominated for the Jury Prize. He said “You didn’t win?” I said “No.” He said “Well you fucked it up then, didn’t you?” with a wry smile. I said “Yeah I knew I should have made a damn comedy.” And he laughed, before going back to smoking his electronic cigarette.

The absolute highlight was getting to meet Paul Thomas Anderson though. I saw him sneaking through the bar, put down my pint and got up to approach him. think I took him a bit by surprise, but I just told him I was a huge fan and wanted to shake his hand. That’s the same hand which wrote Boogie Nights, Magnolia and There Will Be Blood. Hopefully I’ve sucked up some of his talent to use in my next script.

So if you get a chance to go to Austin, do it! And try and do so when the festival’s on. Even if you’re not a filmmaker there’s plenty of tickets available for screenings. They’re already selling passes for 2014 on the website.

Congratulations to my fantastic cast and crew, the writer Richard Sainsbury and the Producer Kieran O’Brien. Thanks to everyone who came and saw our film and gave it a 5. Hoping to screen it at many more festivals over the coming year.