Doggy Style – This Is What You Call A Shitty First Date


We just launched some brand new sketch comedy produced by We Like Laughter and directed by my friend Ryan Turner. This one involves me, a curry and a pretty messy first date. If it makes you laugh, then help us go viral by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the other one people use. Enjoy!



New Comedy – Lads Night Out


Yesterday was supposed to be the most miserable day of the year (according to some study somewhere) so we decided to release our new We Like Laughter sketch Lads Night Out. I say “new sketch” but we actually filmed it a bloody long time ago and were waiting for my co-star Chris Ash to have the right amount of star power (Facebook friends) before we launched.

Here it is finally in all it’s glory. I humbly ask that if you enjoy it please share on Facebook, Twitter and Friendster so that Rob & Stuart can go viral:

Thanks to everyone who helped us make it especially our Kickstarter backers. All credits are under the video on YouTube.

We Like Laughter – The ‘RevoLOLtion’ Starts Here


Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 23.00.47

Hi guys! Today I launched my most personal passion project to date, We Like Laughter. The aim is to make the world laugh with some new and original online sketches.  We’re aiming to make 5 to kick off with.

But that’s hopefully just the beginning. Via our Kickstarter rewards we are offering people the chance to get involved. We hope to build something of a new comedy collective to take over the world! . We’re offering people the chance to become member of We Like Laughter in return for a £30 donation. This membership means you’ll be part of the team and have a chance to hep out with shoots. Oh and get to wear a red beret! We want to hear from actors, writers, or anyone who wants to help out on set.

But enough talk. Here’s the video. We hope you like it and can get behind our campaign to bring laughter back to the streets:

Please help us by becoming part of it either by donating or by sharing our page with friends!